Coherent Coffee is about friends roasting coffee (and each other) whenever possible. We focus on a bright, clean cup and natural flavors we make in-house. You’ll find us at various local events, pop-ups, etc.

We roast all of our own coffee in Vancouver, Washington. 

Coffee Roasting

We roast on a Kaldi Wide Korean-made roaster. We were sold on it due to it mimicking many of the attributes of a full-size drum roaster.

We roast in small batches–240 gram roasts, which yield ~7 oz bags we label in-house ourselves; we’d be thrilled to ship you one!


We love serving espresso or cold brew at pop ups, weddings, events, etc. We also serve every week at Crossroads Young Adults–for free! Seriously, if you want some third-wave, locally roasted coffee served up as cold brew or a latte, come check it out. We serve from 7pm-8:30pm every Thursday night.